Got an old Android phone lying around? Here’s how you can use it

Every day. new and new android smartphones are being launched. The launch speed is exponential and so is the manufacturer’s push towards a new launch. So it makes sense to carry out an upgrade every year or in most cases, every couple of years. So after upgrading, what about the old one? Most of us will sell the phone for cash or opt for a price reduction equal to the current selling price of our old android phone over the new one. The reselling price is always much less than the actual price and most of the times your phone is truly  worth more than that.

That forms a limited set of choices. You can do much more than just selling or exchanging it around for something. Today I’m going to list down top ways to use your old Android phone.

1) As Digital Photo frame

Standalone Digital photo frames online will cost anything between 500-7000 INR depending upon the specifications and the manufacturer. Your old Android phone can serve this purpose. Adding to that, if your old Android phone has 5.5 inches or greater screen size, it will be the best thing that can be used as a digital photo frame. Many apps are available on Google Play store to serve this purpose. Here are few of them.

2) As a full-time GPS Navigator

Google map’s navigation has been our lifeline when it comes to finding a proper and a reliable way to any unknown destination. You can get a reliable universal cell phone mount online and attach your old android phone permanently on your car’s dashboard. This will serve as a full-time navigator. All you got to do is to turn on the mobile hotspot on your daily device and connect this old fella to it. That’s basically it, you’re ready to go.

3) As a home media controller

Regardless of the specifications, your old buddy will be able to at least cast some youtube videos or locally stored basic media content on 3000 INR priced chrome cast. If your old phone has Infrared Blasters, then you’re luckier. You can basically control any household entertainment device with it.

4) As your Testing device

Android is lucky in this field. You can root your device and try out pretty cool root apps. Rooting your device gives you access to the root files on your device. Root files include ringtones, alarm tones, notification sounds provided by your manufacturer and much more. These things, by default, are locked and cannot be extracted/shared.

Adding to that, you can even change an entire operating system of your device using custom ROMs. Rooting and installing custom  ROM voids your device’s warranty. So it is safe not to try these things on your primary device. You can head over to development communities like Xda developers for more information.


5) As a backup device

Suppose you have to give your primary device for some repairs at the service centre. That time,  you can use this old phone as your primary phone until your actual primary phone gets repaired.


6) A play device for your kid

With the release of Android 4.3, Google has introduced “restricted profiles”. Restricted profiles allow you to set certain limitations for a user profiles. Limitations or let’s say restrictions range from making phone calls/SMS to  age filters ( for app downloads from play store) and much more.

Simply create a restricted profile and give the phone to your kid fully loaded with educational material.


7) Alarm clock

The alarm is a crucial feature and over the years, almost every smartphone user has had a migration from traditional “alarm clocks” to digital Alarm clocks on smartphones. Although the stock alarm app on most of the android phones does a good job, there are many better apps available on Google Play store which offer more customizability and control.  Timely alarm clock application is one of them. You can check out Timely here.

Got any other uses? Feel free to share them in the comments down below. Thank you for going through this article, feel free to share this on social media and do not forget to sign up for our newsletter.






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