How to send self-destructing text messages

Many times we need to share some private information like a password, credit card number or some bank account detail with a family member or a friend. Of-course, it is possible to simply send that information via email or a chat messaging application. However, there is a risk that they might not delete that message or email after reading and that potentially creates a risk where a malicious user, who gets an easy access to their phone or computer, could possibly misuse that private information after getting the access. This is where Privnote comes to the rescue. It lets you send self-destructing text messages that auto-destruct after a predefined number of hours. This is a good safety measure to ensure that your message is totally safe and that nobody else has any access.

All you have to do is to simply head over to You will see a simple interface, with the text area to type your important information in.


Coming to the security part, you can manually define the password that the recipient will need to open the message. Privnote also allows you set the time after which the message will auto destruct. All these security options can be accessed by clicking on show options.


Once you’re done with everything, click on Create Note. Privnote will now generate a link that you will have to share with your family member or friend. This link will house your private message.


When the recipient opens the link, they will be directed to a temporary page that will have the stored message. They’ll have to use the password to be able to access the stored message that contains some private information of yours.



Only after the correct password has been entered, the recipient will have an access to the message. After reading the message, the recipient has the option to destroy the message by clicking on destroy note now. Please note that if you’ve given a certain time limit to the message, it is best for the recipient to manually destroy the message as the message won’t be deleted before that. However, you can choose to destroy the message after it has been read under options instead of giving it a certain time limit.


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