15 hidden features in iOS 10 that apple didn’t mention during the keynote

Apple’s iOS 10 Has been out to the Public for quite awhile now and this time the Update is a huge one  thanks to all its big changes after iOS 7.

There are a lot more hidden features in iOS 10 than Apple touted on its Keynote in June. There were the obvious Add-Ons like a completely new Revamped Lock Screen, an addition of the new Widget section, New Music App built from the Scratch, 3rd Party Extensions for Siri.

Here are some of the features Apple did not announce and left the users to find them on their own.


1. Auto Download Songs in Apple Music

Until iOS 9 , the process of downloading a song to your iDevice was not less than a nightmare. It involved adding a song to your account by tapping on the “+” icon , then manually tapping on the cloud icon to make it available for offline listening.

With the new iOS release , Apple has made it lot easier to download any Music album or song to your Library just by pressing the “+” button , which not only adds the song to your Library but also Downloads it. Enabling this feature is pretty simple by heading to Settings>Music>Download and then toggling the switch next to Automatic Downloads to ON position.



2. Automatically let iOS Manage your Music Storage

This one is handy for the ones who currently rock a 16GB Variant. It can save you some space by letting your iPhone or iPad automatically manage music that is downloaded on your device.

It can be turned ON by heading to Settings>Music>Downloads and toggling on the Optimise Storage to ON position. If your device runs low on storage and you cannot squeeze in more of your Cat’s photo on your device,  this feature will automatically evaluate the Songs in your Library and delete the one’s you rarely listen to and you can set a dedicated amount of Storage as per your need ranging from 1GB to 8GB.


3. No more need for any Lyrics App

The New Music App also includes a dedicated Section for Lyrics and you don’t need any 3rd Party App to see the Lyrics of the song you are listening to. This feature can be accessed by simply swiping up from the Now Playing Section or by pressing on the “…” and  then tapping on Lyrics.

NOTE:- This Feature is available only to the ones who either have an Apple Music Subscription or have manually synced lyrics through iTunes.

4. Send Compressed Photos to Save Data

Does it take too long to send a photo over iMessage?  There’s an easy fix to that. Open Settings>Messages and scroll down to enable Low-Quality Image mode. It is still unclear to what extent the Images are scaled down but it saves a bit of your data, especially if you are on a cellular Data.



5. Selective Read Receipts

With the advent of iOS 10, users now have the option to send Read Receipts to Selective individuals. This feature can be enabled or disabled with a couple of taps.

When in a conversation, tap on the “i” at the top right corner, then turn read receipts on or off and this setting will be synced across all your devices having the same Apple id.



6. Disable Raise To Wake

Each time you raise your phone , it displays the time and all the pending notifications. If you find this feature annoying,you can disable in in Settings>Display & Brightness>Raise To Wake.


7. Clear All Notification

You no longer have to press that tiny X above each day’s stream in the Notification Center. If you have an iPhone with 3D Touch, pressing on the X will bring up a “Clear All” option.


8.  Unlock the Old School Way

Miss the old, “Rest The Finger To Unlock”? You can go back to how things were before iOS 10 by changing settings. Open Settings>General>Accessibility >Home Button. At the bottom is a Toggle “Rest Finger To Open“. Toggle it ON.


9. Capture a moment while listening to Music

We all have been Frustrated when we launch the Camera App while listening to our favourite jam only to find it being paused in the background. With iOS 10 it’s no longer the case, you can launch the Camera app and continue listening to your Favourite tunes. Of Course, taking a live Photo or Video will pause the music.


10. 3D Touch in Control Center

3D Touch has found its place almost everywhere in iOS 10. Speaking of the Control Center, you can use 3D Touch on the bottom row of an app to invoke a Specific Action. For Example, 3D Touch on Flashlight gives you three different brightness Option.


11. Prioritise app installs

The next time you download more than one app don’t sit there waiting for a specific app to download. Using 3D Touch, you can press on an app and select “Prioritize Download”  from the list of options.

The same option exists when you are restoring your device from a backup.

12. Unsubscribe from Mailing List

Tired of all the Newsletters? iOS 1o makes it a lot easier to unsubscribe from these annoying newsletter by tapping on the “Unsubscribe” button on the top.

13. Search your tab in Safari

Looking for a specific tab out of all the opened tabs? It may sometimes turn out to be too difficult when you have a lot of tabs opened.

While in Horizontal Mode, go in the tab view and on the top left corner you will find a search bar.

14. Quickly close all the tabs in Safari

Not only you can open an endless number of tabs in Safari. You can also Close them all at once by pressing long on the Tab View button and then select Close X Tabs.

15. BedTime Mode

Cannot stick to your sleeping schedules? iOS has a solution for you there, as soon as you open the Clock app you will see a new tab ‘Bedtime’. This can be used to define the typical times you go to bed, wake up time and the amount of sleep you need. It then gives you reminders along with the tracking of your sleeping habits in the Health’s app.


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