5 Useful Tips to free up storage space on your Android phone

So you’ve got this little notification which annoyingly states that your phone storage space is getting low and you just cannot simply figure out how to deal with it. Well, it happens, and especially if you have an Android phone with just 16GB of internal storage, it is really hard to survive. Apps are getting bigger and better day-by-day and it is getting really hard to deal with this problem. The concept of a micro sd card does not exist in every phone and after Ice Cream Sandwich, Google does not allow you to install apps on your micro sd card (unless your manufacturer has made provisions for the same). So today in this article, I’m going to list down 5 Useful tips that will help you to free up storage space on your android device.

1) Uninstall Unused applications

Unused applications consume the most of your storage space. So perform a quick analysis of your installed applications and figure out the unused once. After that, simply head over to settings>applications and uninstall those unused once. You can also simply uninstall an application by long pressing one in the app drawer and then simply dragging it over to the Uninstall icon located on the top left of your screen below the notification bar.

2) Clear cache and delete unimportant files

The more you use certain apps, the more cache that will accumulate. Try performing a quick analysis under settings>applications and clear the cache of applications that exceed a certain limit.


Adding to that, head over to downloads folder and clear the files which you no longer use or which no longer are in need.

3) WhatsApp folder management

Did you ever notice that When you view your friends profile picture ( not the small thumbnail that is displayed in the chat list and on the top in a personal chat) on Whatsapp, the profile picture takes a second or two to load before it displays the final clear picture? Well, it downloads that profile picture on your internal storage. So go to Whatsapp folder>Media folder>Whatsapp Profile Folder and clear the downloaded profile pictures.

Whatsapp databases also consume a lot of space on your phone’s internal storage. So go to Whatsapp folder>Databases folder and delete the stored databases. Your chats won’t be affected by this action as WhatsApp automatically creates a backup every day. Your recent chats will get backed up in a new database.


4) Use Google Photos

Google has this amazing application which lets you backup every single photo and video stored on your phone. Backup your photos and videos and delete them from your phone’s internal storage. This will free up a lot of space on your phone. If you haven’t already downloaded Google Photos, click here to download.

5) Use Android Marshmallow’s Adoptable storage

 With Android Marshmallow, Google has introduced “Adoptable storage“. Adoptable storage basically allows you to use external storage (like micro sd card) on your phone as internal storage. You can grab a great deal on a micro sd card and boost your storage quickly by adding a micro sd card.

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Posted by Devanshu Mevada

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  1. Devanshu post something about Jailbreak of iOS 9.3.3. It’s out in the market!!


    1. Devanshu Mevada July 31, 2016 at 4:11 pm

      Thanks for the tip, I’ll look into that


  2. Luckily, the shared pool of storage means that there s now no point in using hacks that allow you to store personal files in Gmail. You can now take advantage of all your Gmail space for files and photos.


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