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How to pay on Google Play store in India without a credit card

Paying internationally has always been a major problem in India. That too with the introduction of Two-step authentication (Verified by Visa, Mastercard 3d secure code etc) by RBI, the problem of paying internationally using a

Comprehensive guide to URL Shortening : How to Shorten

URL is the basic way with which we either share or visit a particular web page. URL is nothing but the address of a particular web page on the world wide web. And it makes

How to send self-destructing text messages

Many times we need to share some private information like a password, credit card number or some bank account detail with a family member or a friend. Of-course, it is possible to simply send that

Top free Online tools to add a device frame to a screenshot

Screenshots are very important, aren’t they? They let you share a piece of information ( or a proof or a learning thing) over a blog or a social media in a different and an understandable