How to boost Android Phone’s battery life

Smartphones truly have been struggling with battery life. Manufacturers have been making their new smartphones thinner and lighter, and with that their capacity to push a battery with higher capacity has been limited. To counter that problem, they ultimately have to rely on software optimisations. Software optimisations most of the times, are not really that effective and ultimately at the end, it’s the user who has to suffer. Until some crazy battery (that could make your smartphone last many days) is discovered in near future, we’ll have to rely on small life optimisations. So here are few useful ways that will help you to boost your Android phone’s battery life.

1.Adjust your brightness manually

Although most of the smartphones right now feature an automatic brightness feature, it still is a bit inaccurate. By adjusting brightness manually, you can set the brightness that is both “low and comfortable” enough; and it works surprisingly better. I was able to extend the battery life of my phone by 2 hours. This can be done by heading over to settings>Display and Lights and turning off the Adaptive brightness feature.


2. Update your installed apps

Many applications consume much of your battery juice. The reasons are many. Maybe it is buggy or it is resource intensive. Developers from time to time, release updates to fix the most common bugs in their applications and in those updates, they usually push out some code that optimises that application for consuming less battery.

3. Update your phone’s software

If your android manufacturer has had its problems in optimising software for consuming less battery, step 1 and step 2  won’t be of much use. Most of the times, manufacturers from time to time release software updates that fix some issues like battery life problems, ram management problems etc. You should regularly update your phone’s software as it also improves the security aspect on your phone.

4. Switch off Wifi, Bluetooth, Mobile Data and Location Services when not necessary

These wireless communication protocols suck the most of your battery juice. A majority of times, our phone is connected to wifi and partially we use mobile data for internet related activities. However, these guys take a huge toll on your Android phone’s battery life. It is better to use these guys only when it is necessary. And it is also advisable to switch off the location services when not necessary.

5. Turn on the flight mode when the network is unstable

When you are in a remote or a rural area with little to no network coverage, your phone consistently checks the availability of the networks as well as keeps connecting to the one with nearest possible distance. However, that process takes its toll on your phone’s battery. So it is advisable to turn on the flight mode (or temporarily turn off the network from settings) in this situation.

6. Use greenify to hibernate certain apps

Greenify allows you to put apps into actual hibernation. This prevents them from performing certain operations in the background. As you do not actually know what actually has been going on when you’re doing something else on your android phone, this is a useful app. As for example, if you select WhatsApp and Hike in greenify, it will stop them from updating chats in the background. This event then prevents WhatsApp and Hike from generating a notification,  which indeed saves up a lot of battery every time. This especially works for people who get a lot of messages daily.


7. Turn on the battery saver feature

The battery saver feature on your android phone can be accessed within your battery settings. Explore that area and set some custom timings as to when will that battery saver turn on. When it is on, it reduces the animation scale, brightness and certain background activities to save battery.


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