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Devanshu is the founder of this blog. He is 18 years old Gujarati boy who currently lives in a small town of Anjar in Kutch District. He loves Android and Windows and can not really resist the idea of experimenting with different things. You can connect with him on Twitter

How to capture a scrolling screenshot so that you don’t miss any detail

Let’s face it, we all have been in a situation where we want to capture a ¬†screenshot of a long chat conversation. “A long chat conversation” never really fits inside a single screenshot. So we

How to pay on Google Play store in India without a credit card

Paying internationally has always been a major problem in India. That too with the introduction of Two-step authentication (Verified by Visa, Mastercard 3d secure code etc) by RBI, the problem of paying internationally using a

Got an old Android phone lying around? Here’s how you can use it

Every day. new and new android smartphones are being launched. The launch speed is exponential and so is the manufacturer’s push towards a new launch. So it makes sense to carry out an upgrade every

Comprehensive guide to URL Shortening : How to Shorten

URL is the basic way with which we either share or visit a particular web page. URL is nothing but the address of a particular web page on the world wide web. And it makes

How to boost Android Phone’s battery life

Smartphones truly have been struggling with battery life. Manufacturers have been making their new smartphones thinner and lighter, and with that their capacity to push a battery with higher capacity has been limited. To counter

5 Useful Tips to free up storage space on your Android phone

So you’ve got this little notification which annoyingly states that your phone storage space is getting low and you just cannot simply figure out how to deal with it. Well, it happens, and especially if

How to send self-destructing text messages

Many times we need to share some private information like a password, credit card number or some bank account detail with a family member or a friend. Of-course, it is possible to simply send that

Top free Online tools to add a device frame to a screenshot

Screenshots are very important, aren’t they? They let you share a piece of information ( or a proof or a learning thing) over a blog or a social media in a different and an understandable