Top free Online tools to add a device frame to a screenshot

Screenshots are very important, aren’t they? They let you share a piece of information ( or a proof or a learning thing) over a blog or a social media in a different and an understandable way. So,Why Add a device frame to a screenshot?

When you take a screenshot, all you get is an image with the contents that are being displayed on your screen. To be honest, it looks okay, but not intuitive. A food without spice will literally taste nothing. So today, I’m going to list down top free online tools that will help you add a device frame to a screenshot.

“Adding a device frame will make your screenshot look beautiful and more shareable” over social medias and a blog.



 1) Device Art Generator

This is a great little tool from Google. The main purpose of this tool is to let you add a “Nexus device frame” to your screenshot and so the choice is rather limited. The devices in the list include – Nexus4, Nexus5, Nexus6, Nexus7, Nexus 10, Nexus5x, Nexus6p, Nexus9 and an Android wear smartwatch. Take a look at this example.



You just have to drag the required screenshot (in PNG format) from your desktop onto a device, after which you can customize the produced image and save. However, you’ll have to pay attention to the dimensions of the screenshot as not all the devices have got same display resolution and moreover, you’ll have to perfectly match the resolution of that screenshot with the device ( that you’re aiming for) or else the tool won’t accept the screenshot.


2) Magic Mockups

 Magic mockups is another great online tool. Instead of a typical device frame, you get a nice looking scenery where the device (or devices in many cases) containing screenshot is placed beautifully on a table with many surrounding objects that make the overall look of that image very intuitive and beautiful. The device choice is very limited ( to apple devices) but you won’t find yourself complaining as the produced images look very beautiful. You can either upload the screenshot yourself or let the online tool fetch everything for you from the URL given. Take a look at this example.





3) Dunnnk

Dunnnk is similar to MagicMockups except the fact that, not every mockup is available for free. However, you can get many great Mockups for free. The tool is more apple oriented with just one mockup available for Android. Just like MagicMockups, you get beautifully crafted mockups. However, it is worthy enough to know that the Android mockup provided is an unknown device and there is no automatic tool that can generate a mockup from the URL given. Take a look at this example.




  • Android Apps that you might want to try out for this purpose:
  1. Device Frame generator” – Download
  2. Screener” – Download



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