Welcome to Ampere Post – A Place to learn different  techniques to improve and ease your overall Digital Life. The Majority of posts on this blog will be of “How-To” type on a wide  variety of topics like Android, iOS, Windows, Life Style  etc. This blog is registered (the domain) and hosted by BigRock in India.

My name is Devanshu and I’m a high school graduate wanting to pursue blogging as a full-time profession. AmperePost is my second attempt to this. You can get in touch with me here : Twitter , Instagram or drop me a mail at [email protected]



So Why Amperepost?

This site is dedicated to helping readers learn different techniques  to ease their digital life. AP Team will be publishing various techniques to help you with that. The Techniques published will be tested and implemented well before publishing. Thank you in advance for visiting this page and enjoy your time at AP.